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Who we are : SOCOTEC Certification International

SOCOTEC Certification Philippines provides certification solutions to help you enhance your business and identify performance gaps so you can make a positive difference as a business leader in your field.


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Our certifications enable you to vouch for your company's objectives and quality standards:

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Our mission


Building a relationship of trust in which you are the centre of attention for your certification

We strive to support organizations in their transformation and help them handle key transitions, such as energy, digital, environmental and sustainable development, health and safety, and so on, as a leading participant in certification and auditing. We realize that certification is the answer that provides value to your organization and helps it stand out in a complicated and unpredictable marketplace.

Our vision

SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, as a trustworthy third party, conducts independently verified audits and certifies management systems in a range of industries in the Philippines.

Companies, SMEs, and organizations put their faith in us because we carry out our tasks in accordance with our principles and with the neutrality that is required in all of our initiatives.

Building trust for a safer and sustainable world 

Certification is a development lever for your company and allows you to differentiate yourself by attesting to the robust quality and wholly professional approach.

Managing risks, securing your team's efforts and your business goals, boosting your performance, enhancing your assets, asserting your know-how and differentiating you, we are the trusted partner capable of supporting you at every stage.

Discover the SOCOTEC group

The SOCOTEC group is a leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), present in 23 countries with 200,000 clients. Our engineers, technicians, and auditors are experts in their fields, including construction, infrastructure, the environment, health and safety, quality, certification, technical training, equipment, and digitalization.

It's guarantees you the instruments of established and audited procedures. The certification process is more trustworthy and your characteristics are recognized by your clients and other stakeholders.
Our service obligations ensure that you will have a staff devoted to your project, as well as a listening ear and a response tailored to your industry, market, size, and difficulties.

Most of them are successfully trained against IRCA standards and continuously improve their knowledge.

As an independent trusted third party, we work alongside you to better understand your environment and implement the certification process in a calm and professional manner.