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How can I transfer to SCI?

Transfer of Certification is a critical procedure where there are technical factors to be considered before the approval of the application and performing the transfer of certification audit.

Support throughout the process

Among the factors to be initially reviewed are the status of major non-conformities (if there are any), existing certificate accreditation and such. To ensure that our clients are well informed regarding the transfer procedure, SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Inc. ensures that they will be guided accordingly thru proper orientation on the entire process and the requirements for transfer based on the guidelines stated in IAF MD2.

Furthermore, you may also benefit from

Tough and thorough yet enlightening and educational audit approach

Cost effective approach for integrated management systems and multi-sites

Value-added service

Why would I transfer to SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Inc.?

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    Our benefit

    Transferring certification to SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Inc. means opting for a mutually beneficial business partnership which service objective is “providing the customer with confidence”. Engaging with our services for management system certification is signing up for a client-oriented service and a team of professionals committed to creating value within the partnership.


    With extensive auditing experience in our sleeves, SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Inc. has been a major key player in providing third-party auditing services, and its established presence in the industry sets us ahead of the competitors.

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    Our experience

    Being of service for both private and public clients for certification for more than two decades has built SCPI’s credibility as a leading certification body locally which eventually led to the expansion of the services and standards offered.


    With its track record and long market presence, SOCOTEC Certification Philippines, Inc. ensure that the auditing service is highly practical and focused on effectiveness which is beneficial for the organization’s pursuit for continual improvement.

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