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Integrated Management System

Obtaining one or more management system standards through integration is a more practical and cost-effective approach. A centralized systematic procedure in setting the objectives, formulating policies, planning, and managing risks and resources enables the organization to conform with the requirements of a multiple management systems in a unified manner.


To help your organization identify the basic requirements for integrated management systems our local team is present to keep you well informed by providing executive briefings, and other relevant training that you may use as a tool in establishing and putting your management system standard in place.

Meeting challenges with increasing stakes:

An integrated management system is a market edge in terms of the quality and safety of the product and service as an output of systematized business procedures.


Meeting rising customer expectations:  

With increasing market competition, acquiring multiple management system certifications will provide confidence to your customers and a step ahead of your competitors.


Seek continuous improvement:

By subjecting the organization to audit visits for more than one ISO Standard will enable the organization to be fully aware of the areas to improve and best practices that they can use as a reference for their aim for continuous improvement.

What are the benefits of an integrated management system?

Objectives and management decisions will be based in an organized and strategic framework.

In addition to the time-saving factor, the organization will be presented with opportunities that will allow them to maximize its existing resources throughout the implementation process.

A unified approach in risk management will help the organization to identify the possible risks in all business aspects and preventive action necessary to reduce the occurrence of these risks.

An integrated approach for multiple management system standard is a cost-wise and time-saving method in a manner that the shared processes and similar requirements of more than one ISO Standard can be addressed in one go.

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